Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tupperware Tuesday

So about a week ago I joined Tupperware and be came a consultant.  I joined because I thought it would be a fun way to get out there and meet people and I could learn about products to help organise my kitchen and make a little money.  They have some really cool stuff to make life easier and to be greener.  Every Tuesday I am going to update with a product of the week.  I got my kit with my first Tupperware stuff.  The kids had a blast opening the box.  I think they were more excited about it then I was.  They had so much fun going through everything and playing with it.  One of  my favorite things from the shipment is the "Large Sports Bottle"

It is BRIGHT green so it never gets lost, even in my cluttered car.  I take it to work, and it has a screw off bottom that you can put your keys or any little thing in, so when your working out, or taking a walk you only have to carry your water bottle.    SO that's it for Tupperware Tuesday.....until next week

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