Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's 9 PM Halloween night and all the kids are in bed (yea).  We had a blast this Halloween, Maddie is finally old enough to finally get how everything works.  They got so much candy, and Maddie even got a hat from the lady down the street.  The lady said she makes them and gives them to the cutest kids on Halloween.

Carving our Pumpkins

Before the Trunk or Treat at Church

Leah the Giraffe

Maddie with all her candy
We went to the Trunk-Less treat at the church building Saturday night.  They had a chili cook off first, then the kids got to go trick or treating in all the rooms.  People "claimed" a class room and then decorated it for the kids.  They had games, candy, and even a haunted house.  It was lots of fun!!

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