Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our First Home

So we just bought our first home.  We got the keys 8/31, finally!  It took two months from the time the bank accepted our offer for it to be offical.  We LOVE this house and the kids are finally getting comfotable.  Jason has a lot of work he wants to do on the back yard.  We have six trees and they are majorly over grown.  He is also working on taking out all the bark in the back yard and putting in grass.  It's alot of work, but he is happy to be doing it. The girls love to play in the backyard and are finally sleeping better in their new rooms.  There is alot more space here then in the trailer and we're happy to have the extra room. 
Hannah and Maddie share a room, Leah has her own room, and we have a toy room.  It's so nice to not have to share my room with a baby anymore, and Leah is content to sleep by herself.  It's  still so wierd to be a home owner.  I don't have to think about moving around anymore, and I can do whatever I want (and Jason agrees with) to the house.  It's a litle scarry though to not have a landlord to call if somthing in the house breaks.  Over all I am so happy that we bought this house.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect home for our family to grow up in.

                         Our first spagetti dinner at the new house.  As you can see our table isn't even put together.

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