Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our new dog

               So Jason has been a little sad lately, so I thought he might need another "guy" around the house.  So Saturday, while the kids were at Grandma Martin's house, I went over to the Sacramento SPCA.  I walked around and looked at all the dogs and puppies.  The only instructions from Jason were that it couldn't be a small or ugly dog.  I found a really cute hound dog puppy but when I went to the front desk to ask about him they told me he wasn't good with kids, at all ( thanks).  So I was about to give up when I saw a big Chocolate lab sitting in the back of his kennel looking sad.  I asked about him, and they took me in a room where I could meet him face to face.  He was so sweet, and he was so happy to be out of his cage, I had to get him.  Before they would let me adopt him I had to bring the girls to the SPCA to meet him (they want to make sure he ).  I picked them up and brought them and they loved him (I was a little worried about Maddie liking him, the whole way there she kept insisting that she didn't want a dog, she wanted a pet Giraffe.)  We got him and took him home with us.  Jason was so surprised that I got him a dog that be (he's 65 lbs).  Jason named him Duke (good guy name, right?). He has been so sweet to the whole family.  He likes to be with us, and he LOVES car rides.  The only problem is that if he get out the door, he takes off.  Jason chased him 6 blocks this morning.  I'm so happy that everything with him is going so well!!!

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